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Be(come) The First in the World

Be(come) The First in the World

Avtor: dr. Andrej Vizjak

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This book is a handbook for all entrepreneurs who want to achieve more than just average profits and survival of their companies. The author has succeeded himself in be(come)ing the first in the world in management consulting. In this book, he combines his own business experience as co-founder and CEO of the Dubai-based company AV.consulting with academic resea­rch of 10,000 companies over the period of the last 15 years, which he has provided as professor of one of the leading European universities, Ingolstadt School of Management in Germany.


The book contains a prac­tical description of the methodology for identifying your unique capabilities, developing a winning plan and persuading investors and colleagues to support you in the implementation of your vision. The author has included case studies of eight regional managers and their strategies, as well as experiences on how to be(come) the first in the world. He also describes ten global industries from which you can draw world­-class practices and learn decisiveness from 31 benchmark leaders from these industries. This book will inspire you to follow their path.


Vezava:             trda

ISBN:                978-961-247-365-5

Št. strani:         220

Leto izdaje:     2017

Andrej Vizjak was born on May 9, 1965 in Ljubljana. Several times in his career, he has achieved world-class distinction. He is the author of
25 books, published by globally leading publishing houses and translated into 12 languages. With his Success Formulas methodology, he won the 2013 Global Advisory Challenge, a competition for the most influential consulting concept in the world. Andrej Vizjak has leader­ship experience at the highest management level in multinational companies exceeding annual sales of $10 billion.

In 2015, he founded, together with his wife Sonja Vizjak, the Dubai-based company AV.consulting, with the vision to create the first digital strategy consulting company.

Now he is advising other companies on how to be(come) the first in the world.

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